The Stamford Garden Club

For more than 40 years, members of The Stamford Garden Club have met every two weeks to plant, prune, weed, mulch, deadhead and maintain the Goodbody Garden

Working in the garden is fun.  It’s a wonderful way to connect to and learn from fellow gardeners. We welcome new members and your questions or suggestions.

Meet us in the garden

You can meet us in person when we are at work in the garden. Weather permitting, we usually work in the garden every two weeks on either a Tuesday or a Thursday morning. We also work in the garden on the last Saturday morning of every month. Email to find out about upcoming dates.

About The Stamford Garden Club

Whether you are interested in horticulture (growing food or flowers), flower arranging, photography or conservation, you will find a fabulous group of fellow minded friends at The Stamford Garden Club.

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Members of The Stamford Garden Club take a break to pose for a picture.

The garden restoration began in 1974

1975 bare bones to start
1975 starting with bare bones of the original structures

The original garden belonging to the Goodbody family, dated back to the 1920s and had been severely neglected over the years. Restoring the garden was an enormous two-year long effort that began in 1974.  The layout of the paths and the structural components (including the Italianate balustrade, the stone pillars of the pergola, the sunken garden and the fountain) were all retained much the same from the time of the Goodbody family but almost all of the plantings were redesigned and started from scratch.

1975 SGC at work
1975 Garden Club ladies hard at work

1975 newly planted


On July 4, 1976, the renewed garden was officially dedicated to the City of Stamford. As you can see, the garden has come a long way since then.



A garden is always developing and changing and this one is no exception. Planting schemes has been redesigned several times as a result of deer browsing, watering issues, and changing light conditions. The Stamford Garden Club also added about thirty native plants to show the public how native plants can be incorporated into a formal garden setting and won a Design in Excellence Award.

Major renovations have been necessary over the year.  Repairs were made to the pergola (2005) and  the Italianate balustrade and the stone pillars (2015).  The beautiful decorative urn and new benches and a picnic table were installed in 2005.  On May 30, 2006, the garden was rededicated and its name officially changed to the Goodbody Garden,