Having a Wedding or Event at Fort Stamford Park?

Many wedding ceremonies take place in the garden either  in the sunken garden or on the grass section. Other events are also held in the Goodbody Garden or in Fort Stamford Park. Please note that you must get permission for these events from the City of Stamford [See below ]

Photos at the Goodbody Garden 

You do NOT need permission to use the Goodbody Garden as a backdrop for wedding, engagement and family photos.

How to get permission for events

Start  a few months before your wedding or event. Here’s what you need to do

  1. Click on  special_event_application to print the required form. Complete the form and take it to “Cashiering and Permitting” in the lobby of the City of Stamford building. The address is 888 Washington Boulevard at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Tresser Boulevard. The fee is 25.

2. The city employee at Cashiering and Permitting will check that there is nothing else going on at the park on that day and at that time and will then send the form to Margarita Areanis [203-977-4842] who will arrange for the board to approve your request. If there is nothing else going on at the park, your event will usually be approved. You need to apply a couple of months before your event because the Board only meets once a month.

3. Send your names and wedding date to so we can try to make the garden look good for your wedding day. Also, please send us a wedding picture if you would like it posted on this website.